Liturgical Music Festival – Nazareth 2020 – ONLINE EDITION


Welcome to the Second Liturgical Festival in Nazareth

Since the Polyphony Association for Musical Education was established, I, as one of the founders and its CEO, have dreamt of the moment in which Polyphony would be ready and ripe to produce a festival of liturgical music in Nazareth. The festival I dreamt of is one that contributes meaningfully to the overall artistic and cultural endeavor in Israel and, on the other hand, provides a stage for the vitally important message and vision of the Polyphony Association: that music connects people, brings cultures closer together, and gives us the tools and inspiration as a society to cope with our challenges. The success of the first festival convinced us that our vision and faith are true and that we will devote ourselves completely to ensuring their perpetuity and growth.

The Second Liturgical Festival has received additional funding as a result of the health crisis the entire world is experiencing. It exemplifies our ability to preserve and continue to develop artistic and cultural endeavors despite all the challenges confronting us. Now more than ever, it is important to advance and preserve the culture in our lives, the humanity within us, and an openness towards others. As part of our efforts to develop the festival as a platform for inter-cultural, inter-faith interaction and discourse, we have taken pains to sure the festival program would express the diversity in Israeli society and demonstrate how this diversity is an advantage and a strength and never a cause for disunity.

Culture in times of crisis can bridge the cultural divide and grant society the hope and resilience to cope with all challenges.

Yours truly,
Nabeel Abboud Ashkar
Executive Director and Artistic Director , Polyphony Education 


Music co-directors: Saleem Abboud Ashkar and Yishai Steckler

Manager: Lilach Saad

Producer: Eden Events

Public Relations: Ora Lapidot, Adi Tzoref-Feldman  

Website: ossamadv