Phantasy for Kamancheh and Oud: songs for midnight

Liturgical Poems – “Piyutim”

Reproduction of the ancient and exciting ceremonies of the Jewish liturgical poetry

Premiere Broadcast: 

Saturday, 19th December 20:30 (GMT+2)

Café Abu Salem, Nazareth Old City

Yagel Harosh – kamancheh, naija, singing 

Uriah Harosh – oud, singing

Choral ensemble: Neriah Moyal, Nir Gozlan, Gil Greenfeld, Idan Yahud

An intimate and moving encounter between the brotherly duo, singer and kamancheh and naija player, Yagel Harosh, and oud player, Uriah Harosh, accompanied by a small choral ensemble.

The concert recounts one of the most ancient and moving Jewish rituals of night singing – midnight prayers – a ritual centered around prayer and piercing shouts over the exile of the Divinity and the exile of the heart that arises from it.

** You are invited to meet the artists in an open zoom discussion, hosted by

Prof. Haviva Pedaya, at the end of the broadcast (included in the ticket price).

Participating: Yagel Harush and Khaled Abu Ali (Eldrawish) 

Missed the premiere? The VOD is available until Saturday evening 12/26/20 at midnight.


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