Midnight East" – Liturgical Music Festival in Nazareth"

הכתבה מתוך Midnight East

The Polyphony Foundation, headed by violinist Nabil Abboud Ashkar, connecting the Arab and Jewish communities through music, announces first Liturgical Music Festival.  to take place in Nazareth, from December 12 – 14, 2019. Concerts will take place in several venues, including the Salesian Church, the Maronite Church and the Industrial Park Auditorium. The festival will feature The Hannover Collegium Vocale Choir, the Galilee Orchestra, the Tel Aviv Collegium Singers, the Israeli Brass Quintet, the Latin-American Folk Ensemble, and leading Israeli soloists Noach Briger, Claire Magnaji, Eitan Drori, Daniela Skorka, Sarah Even Haim, and Yonit Shaked-Golan. Tickets and information on weekend packages are available on the Eventim website.


לכתבה המלאה ב- Midnight East

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